Irrespective of the differences in the texts, the recognition that the future is now – and that this needs to be recognised – shines through. This is not the only change that is required; this is not a one-time technological investment. The ongoing, continuous technological revolution is the new normal. And the twin keys to surviving and expanding within this new normal are to accept its volatility and implement smart management – understanding one’s own organization and being a true leader within it.

This Brave New World, astounding us daily with myriad wonders, still calls for traditional business values: wisdom, skill, a calm assessment of the situation, understanding your business, delegation of tasks, setting goals, and reaching them. But first of all you must remain a good manager.

That is why, today, we present you with a singularly unique issue; an issue written by Polish and international business leaders; partly in Polish and partly in English. This is the reality of the modern economy; business chiefs and entrepreneurs, irrespective of the type of capital they represent and regardless of their background, facing very similar challenges and living in a reality where the Polish economy is ever more integrated with the world, where Polish companies are transforming Europe and the world, and foreign investors are helping to modernize our country.

We welcome you inside this special edition, while remembering that this is not a science fiction story. Because the future is now.

Deputy Editor

co-editors: Anthony M J Goltz, Marek Tejchman